VKC Lecture: ‘When Hands Speak as Loud as Words: The Impact of Gesture on Human Communication and Its Disorders’

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Gestures—meaningful hand movements—are typically produced with speech, conveying complementary information visually. In this talk, Dr. Morett will describe her investigations into the neurocognitive mechanisms of gesture-speech integration, focusing specifically on their impact on learning in typical and atypical populations. She will show how gesture enhances word learning in a novel second language, focusing on the information conveyed via gesture relative to speech. Next, she will demonstrate that high-functioning adolescents with autism spectrum disorder produce gestures that are poorly coordinated with speech, and that this incongruence contributes to information processing impairments. Finally, she will discuss current and future research examining the mechanisms of gesture-speech integration and their impact on learning in typical development as well as autism spectrum disorder.

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