SIUE Online Healthcare Informatics Grad Program Ranked Among Nation’s Top 10 Most Affordable

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SIUE Online Healthcare Informatics Grad Program Ranked Among Nation’s Top 10 Most Affordable has ranked SIUE’s healthcare informatics program the 9th most affordable in the nation.Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s Healthcare Informatics graduate program is among the “Top 10 Most Affordable Master’s in Health Informatics Online 2018,” according to a new ranking published by SIUE’s program ranks 9th on the competitive list.

Healthcare informatics professionals integrate the worlds of medicine and technology by combining their expertise in data management, patient care and information technology systems. The master’s in healthcare informatics emphasizes the application of state-of-the-art computing technologies to healthcare. SIUE’s program is open to any qualified student interested in the field.

 “The growing field of health informatics is in need of adequately prepared professionals. However, the escalating cost of graduate education has been a barrier for many students,” said Program Director Frank Lyerla, PhD, RN, associate professor in the SIUE School of Nursing.

“The SIUE master of science in healthcare informatics program has gained recognition as one of the best programs in the nation,” he explained. “Gaining this cost competitive recognition by offering an exceptional and affordable education is essential for our program’s mission to prepare students to be innovative leaders with the ability to use technology and manage information.”

SIUE’s online healthcare informatics graduate program recently gained candidacy status through the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). The stringent CAHIIM accreditation process ensures the program is meeting the latest standards in an ever-changing field and enables graduates to take certification exams following graduation.

SIUE developed the program in a corporate partnership with BJC HealthCare in 2010 to ensure their workforce would be highly trained to meet demands related to implementing electronic health records and securing patient data across the system. The program has evolved in format to accommodate the demands of working adults.

“BJC HealthCare has been a partner in the healthcare informatics program for more than a decade,” said Mary Ettling, interim director of the SIUE Office of Educational Outreach. “Working with a community partner when developing a program is crucial to ensuring graduates are prepared for the workforce. BJC staff teach in the program and serve on our advisory board. Through an exclusive corporate partnership, we continue to educate BJC employees to meet the organization’s growing need for healthcare informatics professionals.”

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