Statement on Alumni Fellow petition process

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The university has notified James Kirchick ’06 of the results of his petition drive to be a candidate on the Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow ballot for 2019. Mr. Kirchick did not receive the required number of signatures and thus will not be placed on the ballot.

Signatures were received via U.S. and electronic mail, and through a webpage created by Yale’s contractor to support Mr. Kirchick’s petition process. As compiled by Election Services Corporation, the company contracted by Yale for the annual Alumni Fellow Election and for this year’s petition process, Mr. Kirchick secured 2,246 signatures. Mr. Kirchick has received the names of all Qualified Electors who submitted signatures in support of his candidacy. During the petition period, Mr. Kirchick received weekly updates informing him who had submitted signatures on his behalf.

The number of signatures required for a petition candidate to be placed on the ballot is equal to 3% of the number of Qualified Electors eligible to vote in the 2018 Alumni Fellow Election, as provided in the university Miscellaneous Regulations. This year, the number of required signatures was 4,266. Per the University Charter, all graduates of Yale College who have held their degrees for five years or more, all degree-holding alumni of the graduate and professional schools, and all individuals who hold Yale honorary degrees are eligible to vote in the Alumni Fellow Election and/or provide a signature in support of a nominee by petition.

The period to submit a signature in support of a nominee by petition ran from Commencement Day 2018 until 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 1. Signatures could be submitted by email, U.S. mail, or through a website created by Yale and maintained by Election Services Corporation.

The Yale Office of the Secretary administered the process, including the hiring of Election Services Corporation, on behalf of the Association of Yale Alumni. The Office of the Secretary maintains a website with information and instructions about the Alumni Fellow Election, including how to submit a signature in support of a nominee by petition. The office also provides information and instructions to anyone who contacts Yale for assistance regarding the election or petition process.

There are six alumni fellows on the Yale Corporation, the university’s board of trustees. The alumni fellows serve six-year terms, and a new alumni fellow is elected each year.

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