New Traffic Patterns For Basketball Games at Gampel

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The University has announced new traffic patterns for men’s and women’s basketball home games at Gampel Pavilion for the 2018-19 season. The changes have been made to improve the traffic flow and mitigate the effects related to the construction of new athletics facilities on Jim Calhoun Way.

The biggest impact will be for those who park in the North and South Parking garages – both for game-day customers and for faculty, staff, and students who use them on a day-to-day basis, including basketball game days.

All game-day parking and traffic adjustments will begin 90 minutes before tipoff and continue through the postgame period.

South Garage
Game-day Customers: Due to the construction of the new athletics facilities, a portion of Jim Calhoun Way is closed between Alumni Drive and the easternmost entrance to I Lot (adjacent to the Mark E. Freitas Ice Forum).

There are two entrances to the South Garage. The upper entrance can be accessed off Hillside Road – starting from Route 195 (Storrs Road) – by turning on Bolton Road (between E.O. Smith High School and the Fine Arts Complex), taking a right on Hillside Road, and turning left immediately before the UConn Bookstore.

The same route can be used for leaving the garage from the top level after games.

The lower entrance, where ADA parking is available, can be accessed from Discovery Drive (off Route 44), straight onto Hillside Road, right onto Alumni Drive, left onto Jim Calhoun Way and right into the garage.

For leaving the garage from the lower level after the game, there are two options. The first is taking a left onto Jim Calhoun Way, a right onto Alumni Drive and a left through the Hilltop Apartment Complex. Signs will then direct traffic to Separatist Road for points south and west. Note that vehicles will not be allowed to enter campus through the Hilltop Apartment Complex for game-day parking. This bypass will only be available postgame.

Customers can also take a left onto Jim Calhoun Way, a right onto Alumni Drive, a left onto Hillside Road and then straight onto Discovery Drive or left onto North Eagleville Road to exit campus for points north and east.

Faculty, Staff, and Students: For those leaving the garage during the pregame period, exit routes will be the same as noted above for postgame.

North Garage
Game-day Customers: Entrance to the North Garage will continue to be available by going straight from Discovery Drive to Hillside Road, or taking a left or right onto Hillside Road off North Eagleville Road. All traffic leaving the garage during the postgame period will turn right onto Hillside Road and then exit campus by turning left or right onto North Eagleville Road or straight onto Discovery Drive.

All traffic exiting the North Garage will be required to turn right onto Hillside Road. There will be two lanes of exiting traffic on Hillside Road in order to accommodate efficient departures heading towards North Eagleville Road and Discovery Drive.

Faculty, Staff, and Students: For those leaving the garage during the pregame period, exit routes will be the same as noted above for postgame. The area between Discovery Drive and the entrance to the North Garage on Hillside Road will be closed for approximately 75 minutes after the start of the game. Traffic will have to turn left onto North Eagleville Road during that period.

Husky Go Shuttle Bus Service
Fans are reminded that UConn Transportation Services offers two express shuttle bus services for free on game days, starting two hours before tipoff and continuing through postgame.

A shuttle runs from F Lot off of North Eagleville Road with dropoff at the Werth Family Basketball Champions Center, directly next to Gampel Pavilion. The same route is followed for postgame. Parking in F Lot is free.

A shuttle is also available from the Downtown Storrs Parking Garage (33 Royce Circle) to the corner of Hillside and Gilbert roads – about a three-minute walk to Gampel Pavilion.

The first two hours of parking at the garage are free, with $1 per hour charge after that. This shuttle also serves Lot S (south campus), where parking is free.