Psychology Poster Talk

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Teams Present Their Experimental Results

On Dec. 19, 2018, in the small common room in the psychology department, teams of students did poster presentations to a small but appreciative audience (including Dr. Karen Bacon, The Mordecai D. Katz and Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean of the Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences) as part of their work in the course Experimental Psychology (PSY 2100C).

Dr. Anna-Lisa Cohen, associate professor in the department, explained that the course “is a small seminar-style course in which students are required to read primary source journal articles in an area of interest and then, working in groups of three, to develop an original research question, or hypothesis, based on those readings.” Once they have done that, they have to design and run an experiment to test their hypothesis. “Students have the opportunity to test subjects, analyze data using SPSS statistical software and then write up their results in a final APA format term paper.” She noted that the work in the course is like doing an honors thesis in that students conduct their own independent research studies (albeit in small groups). “Students often tell me that it is their favorite course because they are not passively receiving information from an authority but actually engaging with the material in a very hands-on way. It is always rewarding for me to witness my students’ excitement when they present their final projects.”

Text and Personality
Yosef Friedlander, Akiva Gottlieb, Josh Shapiro

Psychology students present their poster on Text and Personality

Effect of Emotionality on Unfulfilled Goals and Mind Wandering
Samuel Teichberg, Liam Aron, Tani Polansky, Benjamin Matz

Psychology students present their poster on emotionality

Time Awareness and Test Performance
Mendel Duftler, Josh Friedman, Maury Rosenfeld

Psychology students present their poster on time awareness and tests