Good Vibes For Young Entrepreneur: Haircuts, Music and Realizing Dreams

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By Carla Morris

Jamal DanielsIf hashtags summed up 2018 for Jamal Daniels ’17, three would suffice: #beyondblessed, #vibesbarberstudio and #dreamcometrue. Daniels owns and operates Vibes Barber Studio, new this fall to Greenville, Illinois.

While Vibes may be new to the town’s historic square, it is not new in Daniels’ mind or heart. The young entrepreneur entertained thoughts about owning a barber studio long before he stepped onto the basketball court as a Greenville University Panther and long before he declared a major in management at the University.

Born in St. Louis, schooled in Collinsville, a 2017 graduate of G.U.’s Briner School of Business and a 2018 graduate of Leonard’s Barber College in St. Louis, Daniels describes himself as motivated, responsible and loving people.

He harbors a passion for his work and a vision that takes in much more than a trim, clip and buzz.

“I believe getting a good haircut is all about the vibe. I love music as well, and when there are great vibes in the atmosphere, great things happen,” he says. When Daniels dares to dream, he envisions Vibes by Mal as a brand and a lifestyle.

A Better Man

Daniels calls Greenville his second home. “This place changed the way I look at lifeJamal Daniels-MBB and has made me a better man,” he says. “The community has welcomed me with open arms and always supported me.”

In addition to family, Daniels names coaches and professors as great influences. He recalls Head Men’s Basketball Coach George Barber telling him early on, “I can’t promise you that you’ll go to the NBA, but I can promise you that you’ll be a better man, and you’ll get a college degree playing for me.”

Daniels took it to heart. “Also, my first week in Greenville, [Coach] gave me a Bible with my name engraved on it, and that was special for me; I’ll never forget it.”

Every Single Day

Daniels advises today’s freshmen to discover what they really want to do in life. “Make sure you work every single day to accomplish your goal,” he says. “Set attainable goals for yourself and trust God and your professors to lead you.”

“My professors taught me a lot and I am very grateful for that. Greenville helped me find my spiritual connection and that’s a huge reason why I came back and opened my shop. It was my calling. I plan to give back to the community as God has placed on my heart.”

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This story was published on January 29, 2019