Inspiring Stories of Israeli Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Israel’s Consul General on the Trajectory of Israel’s Future

On Monday, April 15, 2019, in Weissberg Commons on the Wilf Campus, Yeshiva University’s Public Action Club welcomed Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel, for a discussion of Israel’s past, present and future.

Addressing a packed audience of YU students, Dayan focused on Israel’s current trajectory of innovation, marked by Beresheet, the country’s first attempt at an unmanned moon landing.

“Last week we celebrated two great Israeli achievements,” said Dayan. “The first was Israeli democracy, which is nothing less than a miracle: A country born in war, constantly threatened, established by Jews from Europe and the Middle East.”

Dayan went on to note that Israel’s second greatest achievement was its culture of innovation as witnessed in the development of Beresheet. Despite suffering a last-minute failure upon landing, Beresheet was still impressive. Israel made history by being one of only seven nations to have launched a spacecraft in orbit around the moon. “Though we succeeded only partially,” said Dayan, “Beresheet symbolized Israeli daring and innovation.”

Dani Dayan (center) with members of YUPAC