On Campus Radio: Fifty Years Of Black Studies

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It’s been a busy month in higher education. And we’ve got everything you need to catch up on this month’s episode of On Campus Radio.

First, we have an update on the ongoing fallout from Operation Varsity Blues, the sweeping investigation into allegations of fraud and bribery in college admissions at colleges across the country. We also discuss Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s sweeping proposal to cancel studnet loan debt for millions of Americnas, provide free undergraduate tuition and fees at all public colleges and cut off federal funding for for-profit schools.

Then, we’ll break down the latest in the fight to keep Hampshire College open with an interview with interim president Ken Rosenthal, about the school’s plans to keep running. We’ll also talk to Brian Mitchell, the former president of Bucknell University and the author of “How to Run a College.”

After that, we visit Nichols College to take a look at what strategies that small, private college in Worcester County is employing to get ahead of the financial storm so many other schools are in the middle of.

Nichols student Jared Maymon, a Nichols College junior and a student government vice president, has become convinced that Nichols will survive. He’s “okay to sleep at night, comfortable that I’m going to graduate. And kids after me are going to graduate.”

Gretchen Ertl for The Hechinger Report

We also dive into the history of Brandeis University, which created one of the first black studies programs in the country 50 years ago this month. We talk to members of the university’s community, past and present, about what that program means and what impact it still has today.

Finally, WGBH News Senior Editor Ken Cooper provides his analysis.

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