GU First Lady Filby Delivers Powerful Post-Easter Message to Local Congregation

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by Rachel Heston-Davis GU First Lady Filby Delivers Powerful Post-Easter Message to Local Congregation

Greenville University First Lady Kathie Filby delivered a powerful post-Easter message in late April at a series of revival meetings in Cowden, Illinois.

Filby, an ordained elder appointed as evangelist within the Gateway Conference Leadership Summit of the Free Methodist Church, visited the Cowden Free Methodist Church on April 28 to speak on Luke chapter 24.

In her message, Filby posed the question, “Now what?” to revival attendees. With Easter celebrations over, do believers simply return to “business as usual?”

Filby answered with an emphatic no. Following the resurrection, “[God] wants to pour out His Holy Spirit so that we can all be witnesses both here and to the ends of the earth.” Christians, she proclaimed, live in the power of the Easter resurrection all year long.

Filby’s message resonated with listeners. When severe storms cut the three-day revival short, Cowden FM Pastor Steve Neville invited Filby to return and preach again on Sunday, May 26.

Filby maintains that “I benefitted more than anyone” from the time of fellowship.

She explains that her favorite part about serving as conference evangelist is “the opportunity to speak in so many places and to get to know so many people that I would not have encountered in any other way.”

Filby recently traveled to Bangor, Northern Ireland, and spoke to a men’s fellowship group attended by her own father, a unique honor.

“I am always surprised at how the Lord has already prepared the way before I minister in any given location,” Filby says. “I know I shouldn’t be surprised because the Lord is always at work and I simply get to join Him in what He is already doing.”

Filby will speak at several gatherings this summer in Illinois and Ireland. In October, she will be the featured speaker for the Fearless Women Ireland women’s conference in Dublin.


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This story was published on May 16, 2019