Big Green Varsity Eight Take Third at Eastern Sprints

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WORCESTER, Mass. – Dartmouth heavyweight rowing competed in Worcester, Mass. at the Eastern Sprints in an all-day event on Sunday. Five boats took to the water for the Big Green who were led by the First Varsity 8, who came in third place in the petite finals.
The First Varsity 8 was the final race of the day and Dartmouth had its best showing with a third-place finish (6:30.540), beating out Navy (6:31.972), George Washington (6:34.924) and Columbia (6:36.364). The only two boats to place ahead of the Big Green were Syracuse (6:24.004) and Cornell (6:28.260).
Dartmouth’s Second Varsity 8 came away with a fifth-place finish (6:34.074) in the grand final. The Big Green came ahead of Northeastern (6:51.522). The Third Varsity 8 settled sixth (7:04.903) in the grand final.
The Big Green’s Fourth and fifth Varsity 8 each took fourth-place marks in their grand finals, respectively. The Fourth Varsity 8 clocked a time of 6:35.359 ahead of Navy and Boston University, while the Fifth Varsity 8 finished with a time of 6:46.813 ahead of Wisconsin and Princeton.
Emma Cooper (C), Evan Dwinell (8), Joseph Carleo (7), Gustav Arvidsson (6), Paul Gralla (5), Caleb Edmundson (4), Harrison Taylor (3), Oliver Bub (2), Brendan Caltavuturo (1)
Avery Salumbides (C), Joseph Hajjar (8), George Atkins (7), Mitchell Tevis (6), Luke Hudspeth (5), Sean White (4), Mark Levinson (3), Liam Keane (2), Marc Sevastopoulo (1)
Kevin He (C), Bogdan Belincevic (8), Will Sanford (7), Albert Mitchell (6), Richie Santry (5), Liam Davidson (4), Max Bessler (3), Henry Sanford (2), Gus Emmett (1)
Elisabeth Fawcett (C), Daniel Perez (8), Sean Mannion (7), Ian Marx (6), Clayton Kiyonaga (5), Dan Kramer (4), William Berkowitz (3), Christian Franck (2), Bryce Golbus (1)
Arihant Chadda (C), Kane Hall (8), David Kogan (7), Andrew Wright (6), Alexander Lehr (5), Isaac Spokes (4), Cooper Harrison (3), Jack Costello (2), Michael Green (1)

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