October 2019 anniversaries

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Congratulations, and purple flowers

The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates October 2019 faculty and staff anniversaries.

40 Years

Sakumoto, Georgette S
Institutional Support, UH System

Tokunaga, Robert T
Media Design and Production, UH M�noa

30 Years

Allen, Raymond W
Associate Specialist, UH M�noa

Fujino, Grace M
Institutional Support, UH M�noa

Okamura, Brian M
Physical Plant Management, UH M�noa

Tamanaha, David S
Vice Chancellor, UH Maui College

Wainscoat, Richard J
Specialist, UH M�noa

Willis, Rochelle M
Building Maintenance Worker, UH M�noa

20 Years

Allen, Fredrick D
Librarian, UH M�noa

Fujikawa, Carl Y
Information Technology, UH M�noa

Konia, Janine M
Instructional and Student Support, Honolulu CC

Lee, Sang Hyop
Professor, UH M�noa

Li, Shuguang
Professor, UH Hilo

Matassa, John K
Institutional Support, UH M�noa

Roldan, Gayleen L
Office Assistant, UH Hilo

10 Years

Ching, Sherry Yg
Physical Plant Management, Windward CC

Estrella, Johanna M
Institutional Support, UH M�noa

Gonzales Jr , Alfred
Instructor, Kauaʻi CC

Kashiwaeda, Justin K
Institutional Support, Kauaʻi CC

Lam, Kevin
Information Technology, UH M�noa

McKee, Jonathon V
Vice Chancellor, UH Maui College

Ohara, Laura Jean
Assistant Professor, Kauaʻi CC

Pokhrel, Pallav
Associate Researcher, UH M�noa