UC Davis Represents in Global Climate Strike

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More than 200 students and others rallied and marched last Friday (Sept. 27) to demand action on climate change, showing UC Davis’ solidarity with demonstrations that occurred a week earlier around the world.

“We would have done it last week, had school been back in session,� said Megan Phelps, chair of the Climate Reality Project Campus Corps at UC Davis. She and the other organizers, though, were determined to have UC Davis represent.

And it did, on the very last day of the Global Climate Strike, which officially ran from Sept. 20 to 27, Phelps noted.

“I think people are ready for action,� she said at the conclusion of last Friday’s strike, which started on the Quad at about 11:30 a.m. and ended at Central Park at 12:30 p.m.

Phelps joined Melia Helms in leading chants on the Quad and along the march that went from campus to Third Street to the corner of Russell Boulevard and B Street, at the northwest corner of the park.

Here are scenes from the rally, accompanied by chants heard that day:

Climate strikers hold banner, "Climate Strike," green letters.
“Climate action. Climate action. Climate action. Climate action, now!�
Climate strike participants holding signs.
“Our planet, our future.�
Climate striker, female, holds sign, "Respect, Love & Protect Our Mother (Earth)."
“Now’s the time to organize. Give our youths better lives.�
Climate strikers hold a sign and flowers.
“No more coal, no more oil. Keep your carbon in the soil.�
Climate strikers include one with a bee headdress.
“Hey, hey, ho, ho: Fossil fuels have got to go.�
Climate striker holds sign, "Science, not fiction."
“Stop denying our world is dying.�

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