Oracle Learning access for enrolled students

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Beginning the week of Oct. 21, all enrolled students will have access to log in to Oracle Cloud, regardless of their status as a student worker or stipend recipient. This will provide all enrolled students the ability to access training in Oracle Learning, which has been implemented this year as a replacement for the legacy Learning Exchange.

In addition, enrolled students who are later hired for on-campus jobs (for example, via Hire-a-Dore) or need additional Oracle expenses access (for example, to submit expense reports for a student organization) will have the ability to securely share their data access with an HCM Specialist, who can then process their hire in the system.

Getting started

Vanderbilt single sign-on

To log in to Oracle Cloud, navigate to and then enter your VUnetID and ePassword on the Vanderbilt single sign-on page. We encourage users to bookmark this login link for use when accessing Oracle Cloud

If an alternate login page is displayed, click the blue “Company Single Sign-On� button to open the Vanderbilt single sign-on page.

VU Company single sign-onIn the event one of your pages does expire due to inactivity, please be sure to navigate to Vanderbilt’s single sign-on page before entering your VUnetID and password.

Click here to view a quick reference guide for accessing and navigating in Oracle.

Issues logging in to Oracle Cloud?

Contact the Process and Systems Optimization team at [email protected].