THE DOWNLOAD: Wildfire Training Put to Use

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The UC Davis Fire Department’s annual wildfire training at Russell Ranch was put to use just two days after it concluded.

The department, along with others in the region, responded to the Quail Fire 15 miles from the training area on June 6. The fire, located east of Vacaville and west of Winters, burned 1,837 acres before full containment on June 10. 

Bubbles in the Arboretum

Two people with bandanas point to bubbles in Lake Spafford.
Two members of the Waterway Stewardship Learning by Leading program point to aeration in the Arboretum Waterway. (Nina Suzuki/UC Davis)

The Arboretum and Public Garden is adding two air-powered circulators to the Arboretum Waterway, one at Lake Spafford and one near the old boathouse. The reason for the circulators is to improve circulation and oxygenation of the water, which will help keep surface algae at bay and improve water quality. We also expect that, like last year, we will find cyanobacteria in the water at some point this summer or fall. We are monitoring for this following the guidance of the California State Water Quality Control Board. We hope that circulators will also help decrease this natural phenomenon.

Read more on the Arboretum and Public Gardens website.

— Nina Suzuki

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