Steven Montinar

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Photograph of Steven Montinar

As a black male in America, Steven Montinar has learnt that the systems and concepts that make America function are not processes meant to help individuals who look like him function, although black slave labor built the country from the ground up. As a response, he creates art that highlights the everyday oppression of black individuals in America; and he develops works acknowledging and paying homage to the contributions of black society. The four cornerstones of his work include the subject matters of black culture, hip hop, appropriation, and thought process. More specifically his concepts are incited by the gestures within black culture, the language of hip hop, the parallel of ownership and reparation in the action of appropriation, and an analysis of black perception through a psychoanalytic investigation of thought processes. His work is meant to incite conversation; he understands conversation is the only vehicle for change, art can only prompt it.

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