Don’t Miss Out: 10.10.2020 Will Be Spectacular

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Repeat after us: 10.10.2020. It will be a UC Davis day to remember and we hope you’re there, because it’s not one to miss!

At 4 p.m. PDT, we’re expecting more than 1,700 people to gather online for our Virtual Innovation Spectacular, when we’ll introduce you to many of our experts changing the world — plus the amazing people and (let’s face it, adorable) animals benefiting from their work.

Together we’ll celebrate the impactful advances our researchers and educators are bringing to light every day, especially during a time when solutions are crucial to the well-being of all.

“Just like the anticipation before a big game, we’re excited to watch this historic event,” Athletics Director Kevin Blue said.

And just like before tuning in to a big game, the planning can be half the fun. We checked in with some VIAs (Very Important Aggies) to see how they’re getting ready to celebrate from home on 10.10.2020 — and perhaps inspire your own spectacular plans.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

2 environmental headshots
Renetta Garrison Tull, top, and Allison Brashear
  • Renetta Garrison Tull, vice chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — “I’m excited to hear about our new advances in research and innovation. We’ve had such a great year for research, even with the pandemic going on. I can’t wait to see the diversity of the initiatives and of the people who have helped make our campus the great institute that it is!”
  • Allison Brashear, dean of the School of Medicine — “I’m looking forward to seeing the impressive showcase of work that UC Davis researchers and educators continue to produce during these challenging times, including the breakthrough research being done at our School of Medicine, and to celebrate how our university strives to improve health every day.”
  • Chris McGuire, manager, Design and Construction Management — “I’m excited to see everything that’s happening on our campus. I’m a dyed-in-the-blue-and-gold Aggie lifer and have missed our campus family so much.”
  • Victoria Choi ’21, English major, Student Foundation board member — “I personally love hearing from members of our UC Davis community who are doing important work in the fields they are passionate about, so I’m hoping to see a lot of that.”

Q: What are you going to wear?

Chris McGuire wearing UC Davis "CA" hat
Chris McGuire
  • McGuire — “Of my nine Aggie hats, I will wear my dressiest (basically my cleanest).”
  • Tull — “I’ll dress like I’m going to a special event! I won’t necessarily be wearing a ballroom dress, but definitely some UC Davis gear and colors.”
  • Brashear — “My plans for the day will be to wear my favorite Aggie attire and watch the event with my husband, Cliff, and our two rescue dogs, Hobbes and Patches!”
  • Choi — “Blue and gold, of course!”

Q: What’s on your menu?

Victoria Choi headshot
Victoria Choi
  • Choi — “I plan to watch while I make dinner with my housemates! We’ll also prepare some of our favorite movie theater snacks like popcorn and sour candies.”
  • McGuire — “The event is at 4 p.m. on a Saturday, which for me is wine o’clock! I’ll have a glass of wine ready, which is appropriate considering UC Davis’s profound expertise in viticulture and enology.”
  • Tull — “I like to have a coffee during my virtual meetings so I’ll probably have a specialty coffee — not just any coffee — during the event.”

The past few months have been a challenging time for us all, but our UC Davis community is stronger than ever. Wherever you are watching from, our Virtual Innovation Spectacular will bring us together to open up our imaginations and discover what UC Davis is doing to make the future bright.

So whip up your own favorite drinks and snacks, throw on your best blue and gold, and get ready to celebrate! Register here.

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