DREAM Collective Showcases an Elite Group of Educators – “The Great Eight”

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The Great EightIt’s a select group of women eductors who achieved a terminal degree – all from the same university and at the same time. “The Great Eight” will be featured during the next webinar hosted by The DREAM (Dismantling Racism through Education, Advocacy and Mobilization) Collective at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. 

“A Conversation with the Great Eight” will begin at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5 on the DREAM Collective’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28LIZrQtJPw

Collectively referred to as “The Great Eight,” these Black women made history by receiving doctorate degrees from the Indiana University School of Education on the same weekend. Join the DREAM Collective for a conversation with members of this elite group of academicians, as they discuss their journey and the significance of eight marginalized Black women completing doctoral degrees from one school at the same time. 

The DREAM Collective is a team of faculty activists who seek to create effective programming and foster cultural competency in responsive educators and community members. Members include education faculty Jennifer Hernandez, PhD, Jessica Krim, EdD, J.T. Snipes, PhD, Nate Williams, PhD, and School of Education Health and Human Behavior (SEHHB) Dean Robin Hughes, PhD. 

For more information, visit the DREAM Collective on Facebook at @DREAMCollective20, Twitter at @DREAMcollect20 or Instagram at @DREAMCollective20, or email TheDREAMCollective@siue.edu.

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