Senior Spotlight: Niko Mermigas

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By: Rick Bender will be recognizing the senior student-athletes who had their fall seasons postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s Senior … Niko Mermigas, strong safety on the football team. What have workouts been like so far?
Niko Mermigas: Workouts have been going really well all things considered. Most of us have not been together for an extended period of time, so it’s great to get everyone back and focused on school and workouts.

DS: What is your most memorable on-field team moment?
NM: The miracle at Cambridge. It will be difficult to top that. It is my favorite football moment I have had.

DS: And your most memorable on-field individual moment?
NM: Tipping the last throw against Brown into Isiah Swann’s hands so he can get all the fame and glory.

DS: What is the best thing about practice?
NM: Talking to Coach Teevens during warmups.

DS: And the worst?
NM: Cone drill.

DS: If you could swap places with one teammate, who would it be and why?
NM: I would probably swap with Drew Estrada because he has a warm personality, pretty athletic and is very handsome.

DS: What are your plans after Dartmouth, as much as you can plan for anything during this pandemic?
NM: I would like to travel for a little, but ultimately end up in Boston.

Fastest runner on the team: Drew Estrada, but he and I should race because I think I am faster
Best hands: Jake Guidone
Hardest hitter: Seth Walter
Spends most time reviewing film: Nate Boone
Strongest teammate: Alex Schmidt
Strongest teammate pound for pound: Seth Walter
Most intense: Nate Boone
Best instincts on the field: Tanner Cross
Most likely to become a Division I head coach: Derek Kyler
Best dancer: Derek Kyler
Best singer: DeWayne Terry Jr.
Funniest teammate: Derek Kyler
Most outgoing: James McCarthy
Best dresser: Dakari Falconer
Best impression of Coach Teevens: Impossible to impersonate Coach T

Movie: The Departed or There Will Be Blood
TV Show: The Office
Book: The Count of Monte Cristo
Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt/Jennifer Anniston
Sport outside of football: Lacrosse
Dartmouth professor: Professor White or Valentino
Place on campus: 6th Floor Stacks

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