Blackboard Mobile Apps available for instructors and students

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courses, join Collaborate sessions, send messages and more all from your
smartphone using the Blackboard app. There are two different apps, one for
instructors called Blackboard Instructor,
and one for students just called Blackboard.
The apps are free to download and available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

sure to download the Blackboard
mobile app if you are a student and Blackboard
if you are an instructor. Once you download the app, select
University of Illinois at Chicago and login using your NetID and password. All
your Blackboard courses will appear in the app!

Note: Instructors will not see their
courses if they use the Blackboard app, unless they are enrolled in the course
as a student. Instructors will only see courses they are teaching in the Blackboard Instructor app.


Blackboard Instructor is the instructor version of
the mobile app that enables instructors to view course content, modify
settings, grade assignments, connect with students in discussions, and launch
Blackboard Collaborate sessions.

Blackboard Instructor app enables instructor to:

  • Preview
    course items, assignments, and tests
  • Participate
    in discussions
  • Send
  • Interact
    with your class in Blackboard Collaborate
  • Grade
    assignments (Original courses only)
  • Change item settings for assessments and other

you don’t see any of your courses, you may be using the Blackboard App instead
of the Blackboard Instructor App.

Visit to learn more about Blackboard Instructor.


Blackboard app is designed especially for students to view content and
participate in courses. The app enables students to monitor course activity,
stay updated on deadlines, access course content, join Collaborate sessions and
view grades.

With the Blackboard app, students can also:

  • View
    course items and course announcements
  • Take
    assignments and tests
  • Participate
    in discussions
  • Interact
    with instructor and class in Blackboard Collaborate
  • Access both Original and Ultra courses

Visit to learn more about the Student Blackboard app.

Please contact with any questions or to request help.

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