Senior Spotlight: Steven Hadley

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By: Rick Bender will be recognizing the senior student-athletes who had their fall seasons postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s Senior … Steven Hadley, midfielder on the men’s soccer team. What have workouts been like so far?
Steven Hadley: Workouts in the time of COVID have been different, mostly because the entire team can’t be together, and it’s harder to play in groups. However, we’ve managed to stay connected with the “Daily 4” where we log our fitness, mindset, product (something soccer or performance related), and unity accomplishments for the day. We have teams, and we compete against each other in order to push each other and keep each other accountable and engaged.

DS: What is your most memorable on-field team moment?
SH: That has to be my freshman year against Cornell when we clinched the Ivy League title. I remember Dawson [McCartney]’s cross to Eduvie [Ikoba] who then headed it in the back of the net and gave us the lead to win the title! I vividly remember Eduvie rising above the defender and heading it into the back of the net. I was so pumped that we had won Ivies.

DS: And your most memorable on-field individual moment?
SH: My debut against Indiana. The opportunity to play in a big-time game against a storied soccer program was really cool. I remember after the game just being so ecstatic that I played.

DS: What is the best thing about practice?
SH: Anytime we play small-sided. It’s just fun to play. It’s really special to be able to play my favorite game on one of the nicest soccer fields in the region with some of my closest friends. It’s especially nice in the fall when the leaves turn fiery red and orange.

DS: And the worst?
SH: Fast dynamic (a part of our warmup).

DS: Any hidden talents you can share?
SH: I can speak Italian, but that may not be so hidden. [Ed. note: Hadley is an Italian major.] So, I guess my hidden talent would be an encyclopedic knowledge of animals, especially birds, animals of the rainforest, and animals of Alaska.

DS: If you could swap places with one teammate, who would it be and why?
SH: If I had to swap places with one teammate, I would switch with Alex Budnik. He’s really nice, smart, perceptive and driven, has good values, is a talented soccer player (one of the best keeper’s I’ve ever played with), and has a steady girlfriend.

DS: What are your plans after Dartmouth, as much as you can plan for anything during this pandemic?
SH: I plan to take a gap year and then go to medical s chool. I want to be a doctor (not sure what type yet, but I’m thinking a type of surgeon because the hands-on, actively caring for patients and solving problems suits me).

Fastest runner on the team: Justin Donawa
Best reflexes: Alex Budnik
Best moves with the ball: Dawson McCartney
Hardest head (literally or figuratively): Eduvie Ikoba
Strongest teammate: Matt Danilack
Most intense: Jordan Bailon
Most likely to become a Division I head coach: Babacar Gadiaga
Best dancer: Kennedy Davis
Best singer: Garrett Socas
Funniest teammate: Aron Rudich
Most outgoing: Zach Kalk
Best dresser: Ohad Yahalom
Best impression of Coach Bo: Alex Budnik or Matt Pickering

Movie: Elf
TV Show: Modern Family
Book: The Divine Comedy by Dante
Actor/Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Sport outside of soccer: To play, baseball and skiing. To watch, alpine skiing or Formula One racing
Dartmouth professor: Michael Wyatt
Place on campus: Other than the soccer field, Aquinas House, the Catholic Student Center

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