Senior Spotlight: Ross Andreasik

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By: Rick Bender will be recognizing the senior student-athletes who had their fall seasons postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s Senior … Ross Andreasik, linebacker on the football team. What is your most memorable on-field team moment?
Ross Andreasik: Winning the Ivy League Championship last year.

DS: And your most memorable on-field individual moment?
RA: Sacking the Princeton quarterback on the first play of the game at Yankee Stadium.

DS: What is the best thing about practice?
RA: Seeing Coach Dobes throw his hat when someone messes up (even if it was me).

DS: And the worst?
RA: Stretching.

DS: If you could swap places with one teammate, who would it be and why?
RA: Jared Gerbino, because the quarterback gets all the attention.

DS: What are your plans after Dartmouth, as much as you can plan for anything during this pandemic?
RA: Hopefully working in Chicago.

Fastest runner on the team: Drew Estrada
Best hands: Drew Estrada
Hardest hitter: Niko Mermigas
Spends most time reviewing film: Nate Boone
Strongest teammate: Jack Traynor
Strongest teammate pound for pound: Seth Simmer
Most intense: D.J. Avery
Best instincts on the field: Ryan Roegge
Most likely to become a Division I head coach: D.J. Avery
Best dancer: Isaiah Johnson
Best singer: DeWayne Terry Jr.
Funniest teammate: Jared Gerbino
Most outgoing: Jared Gerbino
Best dresser: Naeem Morgan
Best impression of Coach Teevens: No clue

Movie: Shutter Island
TV Show: Peaky Blinders
Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Actor/Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio
Sport outside of football: Basketball
Dartmouth professor: Professor Rose
Place on campus: GDX

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