Senior Spotlight: Rachel Ludwikowski

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By: Pat Salvas will be recognizing the senior student-athletes who had their fall seasons postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s Senior … Rachel Ludwikowski, a runner from Montebello, New York, on the women’s cross country team. What have workouts been like so far?
Rachel Ludwikowski: Workouts have been mostly done in small groups or alone on a daily basis, making it incredibly important to stay motivated. We continue to work hard, despite being unable to practice as a team.
DS: What is your most memorable team moment?
RL: Any time I have seen a teammate compete really well for themselves it is so inspiring and always hypes me up for when I get to compete. Specifically, sophomore fall a bunch of people drove down to Princeton to watch Cross Country Heps; both teams ran great and it was so great to run around the course and see them compete so well. 
DS: What is your most memorable non-sports memory?
RL: At the end of every spring, we normally go to the top of Balch Hill and have a fake wedding ceremony where everyone has a role and we all sing and dance and it is so much fun. It’s always so beautiful up there, too!
DS: Do you have any hidden talents?
RL: I love painting and photography. I’m definitely not the best but I’ve taken a bunch of studio art classes and not many people know that about me.
DS: If you could swap places with one teammate, who would it be and why?
RL: I would love to be Maddie Nobili! She is an amazing artist, chef, baker, athlete and friend. If I could bake like her, I would never stop. Plus, she is hilarious, and I aspire to be her!
DS: What are your plans after Dartmouth (as much as you can plan for anything during this pandemic)?
RL: I plan to work at Goldman Sachs in New York City next year. I also hope to continue running for a club team!
DS: What was the best gift you ever received?
RL: I get to go to school with my best friends and have the best teammates, while also getting a great education. I know it’s not a tangible gift but it’s the best experience I could have imagined despite the current circumstances.
DS: Other than your parents, who has had the most influence on your life and why?
RL: Both my high school coach and my current coach, Courtney Jaworski, have showed me how to appreciate the gift that running brings and be the best person I can be to my teammates. They have helped me to progress as an athlete in addition to growing as an individual.
Fastest – Tim Zeph
Strongest – Macenna Hansen
Funniest laughClaudia Lane
Most intense – Sara Fragione
Most likely to become a coach – Sam Ford
Most talkative – Maddie Nobili
Best dancer – Isabelle Giordano
Biggest appetite – Ben Matejka
Best singer – Brian Mass
Most outgoing – Anya Hirschfeld
Best dresser – Bre Glover 
Movie – The Silence of The Lambs
TV Show – Game of Thrones
Book – House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Actor/Actress – Robin Williams
Sport outside of your own – Lacrosse
Dartmouth professor – Doug Irwin
Place on campus – Memorial Field

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