An EPiQS Pursuit

May 28, 2020 0

 UC Santa Barbara condensed matter physicist Andrea Young conducts his work at the boundary of theory and actuality, as he builds instrumentation to probe for […]

A Balancing Act

May 27, 2020 0

After more than two months of lockdown, people are chomping at the bit to get back to business. But with COVID-19 still present and co-opting […]

And the Winner Is: Spinjet3D

May 27, 2020 0

Besting four other teams in the finals of the eight-month tech business plan competition that is UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management New Venture Competition (NVC), […]

Building An Ideal MOSFET

May 26, 2020 0

As our electronics continue to proliferate and become more sophisticated, the race continues for more power efficient and scaleable semiconductor devices — components that use […]

Keeping On

May 26, 2020 0

UC Santa Barbara lived up to its reputation for innovation and collaboration when it — along with every other college and university nationwide —   […]

‘For Meritorious Service’

May 22, 2020 0

The campus’s annual Staff Celebration Week is not taking place as usual this month, but that hasn’t stopped the university from recognizing outstanding staff members […]

Salute to the Fallen

May 21, 2020 0

 Memorial Day means standing together to honor the sacrifices of Americans in uniform. UC Santa Barbara’s Veterans & Military Services (VMS) will do just that […]

Sneaky Leaks

May 20, 2020 0

For decades, policymakers and oil companies have debated how to handle large quantities of methane gas that leak out as a natural byproduct of oil […]

Fish Feed Foresight

May 20, 2020 0

As the world increasingly turns to aqua farming to feed its growing population, there’s no better time than now to design an aquaculture system that […]

A Boon to Research

May 19, 2020 0

Selected on the basis of their academic and professional achievements, as well as their record of service and leadership potential in their respective fields, four […]