UC Santa Cruz Night at the Museum in Silicon Valley to spotlight Anti-Semitism and the Internet

What is the relationship between anti-Semitism and the Internet? Is there something new about anti-Semitism today or is it just a continuation of old images and fears? How do social media platforms create environments for the viral spread of global anti-Semitism? Does the Internet deepen the conspiracies that lie behind anti-Semitism? And how can members […]

Arts professor Robin Hunicke appears on 'Project Runway' episode focused on female video game characters

UC Santa Cruz arts professor Robin Hunicke (far left) on the set of Project Runway (Photos courtesy of Alexandra Lo Re, NBC Universal) UC Santa Cruz arts professor Robin Hunicke made a special appearance on Project Runway last week.   She served as a guest judge on the popular reality television show for an episode […]

Physical and Biological Sciences Division honors three prominent alumni

Washington Post editor Laura Helmuth, bioengineer Pamela Silver, and urgent care specialist David Sofen, M.D., are being honored by the UC Santa Cruz Division of Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSci) as the recipients of the PBSci Distinguished Alumni Awards. The division established the awards to honor graduates of the division who have gone on to […]

Making art in trying times: DANM exhibition examines culture, society, and the digital world

Avital Meshi’s “Classification Cube” project inivites viewers to step into a real-virtual grid and compare the physical body with the virtual one. Jordan Magnusson’s “Videogrames After Poetry” is a collection of videogame poems, seeking to reimagine videogames as a medium of poetic expression. Yanzi Li’s “Wandering” is an interactive installation that illuminates physical and emotional […]

From scholarship to achievement, five grads make their mark

UC Santa Cruz will recognize five graduate school alumni who are making outsize contributions to the world in increasingly multifaceted ways. The five recipients of the 2019 Distinguished Graduate Student Alumni Award exemplify the diverse ways in which the former graduate students have translated their scholarship into an appreciable impact in various fields. UC Santa […]

Entrepreneurs emerge as a force in Europe's refugee emergency

“Birthrates of white Europeans are declining across Europe,” said Hawthorne. “Tensions are coming to a head in Italy because it is the first point of arrival for many immigrants, and black Italians are the most prominent group challenging the persistent conflation of whiteness with being Italian.” (Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta) The recent wave of immigration […]

Astronomer Natalie Batalha elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Natalie Batalha, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honorary societies. Batalha was among more than 200 new members of the academy announced this week, including former first lady Michelle Obama, author Jonathan Franzen, […]

UC Santa Cruz philosophy alumnus Jeffrey Stewart wins 2019 Pulitzer Prize for biography

UC Santa Cruz alumnus Jeffrey Conrad Stewart (Cowell College ’71, philosophy) has been awarded the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke, his definitive biography of the father of the Harlem Renaissance. Meticulously researched, the book explores Locke’s professional and private life–from his early education, which included becoming the first […]

Biologist Joshua Arribere wins prestigious Searle Scholars grant

Joshua Arribere (photo by C. Lagattuta) The Searle Scholars Program has awarded a $300,000 research grant to Joshua Arribere, assistant professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology at UC Santa Cruz. Arribere, who studies quality control mechanisms used by cells to detect and remove mistakes in gene expression, is one of 15 young scientists to […]

UC Santa Cruz researchers win four CITRIS seed funding awards

UC Santa Cruz researchers are principal investigators of four collaborative teams chosen for funding by the the signature seed funding program of the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and the Banatao Institute. Ten teams received a one-time award of up to $60,000 each for interdisciplinary work that can lead […]